viernes, 1 de diciembre de 2006


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"When sometimes it has been asked to me why of my work, never I have known the meaning of the question. If it is because what sees he is something completely different from cánones stipulated (oil, watercolor... sculpture perhaps) or because what they have found is a mixture of intentions and single that, intentions.

I have always worked of self-taught way. Although what attempt to carry out always has been a restlessness guaranteed by certain books that I have had to find, questions of which not always have had answer and works that not yet have been made. I continue looking for the way to give to the eye of the person a small satisfaction.

I like to obstruct the way of the logic. Perhaps that what it seems, absolutely it is not it and what it is makes think. The intention is to take a break and to think."


Collective in the Toranto Gallery of Barcelona (Spain) 2006

Collective in the Association Patios of Cordoba (Spain) 2006

Collective with the Project "DIN A4" in Kunsttranfer, Heinsberg. (Germany) 2006

Collective in the Presentation the International of Drawing in the Fléche. (France) 2006

Collective and permanent in "Averroes Hotel". Cordoba (Spain) 2006

Collective, Souls of the Art - Art of the World in Alive Art. Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2006

Collective "Art of the World in UCES" (University of Enterprise and Social Sciences) of Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2006

Individual in Eurostars "Zarzuela Hotel Park" of Madrid (Spain) 2006

Individual in Eurostars "Astoria Hotel" of Malaga (Spain) 2006

Collective "CambioClimártico" in Cordoba (Spain) 2006

Work donation after the exhibition in the Museum Piag de Miami (Florida.USA) 2006

Donation of a work after the exhibition in the Civic Museum Almafuerte in Trenque Launque, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2006

With the Project "DIN A4", in the inauguration of the second permanent seat of the Collection "The Cabinet of Hyde". Malaga (Spain) 2006

With "DIN A4", in Review in L5. Roermond (Holland) 2006

Collective, Cordoban Artists by the Cultural Capitalidad. In the Room Airs of Cordoba (Spain) 2006

Individual in Room Airs - Asoc. Cultural of Cordoba (Spain) 2006

Individual in Eurostars "Regina Hotel". Seville (Spain) 2006

Individual in Eurostars "Hotel Las Adelfas". Cordoba (Spain) 2006

Collective with the Project "DIN A4" in Schloss Burgau, Düren (Germany) 2005

Collective in Burg Erkelenz, Erkelenz (Germany) 2005

Collective in Sofia Gallery Reigns, Leon Guanajuato (Mexico) 2005

Like member of the Project "DIN A4" in the Museum of Art of the City. Leon Guanajuato (Mexico) 2005

Collective in the I Painting Exhibition IFECO (Week Institute of Cordoba) (Spain) 2005

Call the International of Art Mail Republic of Artists 2005. Havana (Cuba)

Cooperador with several works in the I Beneficial Exhibition the International - Market of Contemporary Art, Room Airs of Cordoba (Spain) 2005

Collective in the I Call of the Gallery Linen cloth in Jérica, Castellón (Spain) 2005

Individual in the Civic Center "the Buhaira", Ayunt. of Seville (Spain) 2004

Individual in the Exhibition hall of the House of the Culture of Almodóvar of the River, Cordoba (Spain) 2003


First Prize in the Aid of UCES (University of Enterprise and Social Sciences) of Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2006

First Prize of Drawing "Souls of the Art - Art of the World" in Alive Art. Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2006

Awarded in IFECO (Week Intituto of Cordoba) in the I Exhibition of Cordoban Painters by the Cultural Capitalidad of Cordoba 2016, with acquisition of work. (Spain) 2005

Mention of Honor in the Contest the International NAFA 2005, of the National Academy of Plastic Arts. Poços de Calda (Brazil)

Medal in the V Hall Winter Esart Gallery of Barcelona (Spain) 2006

Selected in the International Web Contest of Visual Arts 2005 (Italy)


Member of the Project the International "DIN A4" (Holland)

Member of the Artistic Group the "Collective Zero" International.

Including in Libro 100 Spaces of Contemporary Creation. Ayunt. of Cordoba (Spain) 2006

Painting masters in the Workshop International of Arts in Spain. Cordoba (Spain) 2005

Inclusion in the Dictionary the International of Art and Contemporary Literature. 2006

Participation in Libro de Arte "Creative II", Asoc. Cultural Airs of Cordoba (Spain) 2006

Inclusion of an article on its work in the cultural magazine of vanguard "GalArt" (Spain) 2006

Inclusion of an article on its work in the cultural magazine of vanguard "" (Chile) 2005


"Its pictorial work is vanguardista and very discreet in the style, it creates harmony in geometry.

His paintings present/display figurations geometric (pyramids, cylinders, squares) which they move in the space, and acquire own energy. It makes a game between the form and the bottom, and puts in flat figures with three-dimensional forms. The use of tenuous tonalities for the bottoms and the technique of the puntillismo, to obtain reliefs, causes that its work acquires own life and is shared by the spectator "

Lic. Claudia Sanzi
Museóloga & Curadora (Critical of Art)

"Rafael Alonso presents/displays a great amount to us of pictures on paper, in Chinese red or Chinese red and pie. It is a sober work, measurement and needs, with dominion of the drawing on the color. A strong and safe drawing, whose limits pay attention to target or black, to which the gray tones or pies, extended in smooth or granulated surfaces, adds a poetic tone.

The expressive language approaches the surrealismo, accurately geometric inherited of the cubism.

The forms, in general volumetric, are opened to the space, fly, they are offered or they are folded on if same. They dominate to the acute lines and angular geometries, except in the work with vase, where the curved lines lead us to the maternal uterus. History is present with the suggestions of the cretense art, with the aroma of the Islamic thing. The love and the war fly over the work. The life is to us with diverse shades: beaten to the ground, it lasts and it makes solid, with anxieties to fly or the placidness to take shelter in the maternal sine. Really a exhibition that must be seen and meditate."

Maria Pilar Cavero Montori
University professor of History of the Art.

Geometry and Pintura

"In the painting of Rafael Alonso Cumplido a world of polyhedral forms full of originality and great beauty is appraised as excellent. A thematic one is also demonstrated treated about form austere, but suggestive and deep, that makes reflect who the sight and observes it. Therefore, the central objects of their pictures have in geometry their existence, its reason of being, of a vigorous and full way, and are located in a space dimension that gives a futurist character him.

It has, in addition, a minimalismo properly organized and extraordinarily disquieting that, somehow, it connects with the present reality of the incomunicación and the solitude of the human beings, and with the expansive movement of the universe, expressed skillfully and that does not leave option to the doubt, something that does not make but increase the artistic value of the pictorial work of R. Alonso.

The treatment of the color is also another aspect to emphasize in this work, by its balance in the resistances and the serenity that produce the different tonalities that it uses.

Like multiplied difficult puntillismo that uses, that what does is to grant to the linen cloth the most personal and unique vision. Something that, in the end, it gives to understand the indefatigable effort us of the author to construct his particular pictorial world, different from the rest of which it is possible to be seen by the art galleries.

Whatever one approaches the work of this painter will quickly realize that is in front of an exceptional work that transmit force, security, resistance and protection through forceful figures that come to be the outside of the capsule of the time.

And within her the soul of the man to the search of the dreams, happening, a new life, a new era travels.

Rafael Alonso is a great artist who knows to use the language of geometry perfectly and of a magnificent way."

Fernando Sanchez Mayo
Poet and Friend

"Metaphors of the space escanciadas by fables of the life. Thus the images can have the identity of the onírico, the sketches of the espontaneidad are sublimated, the light emanate of the outlines, settle down that ancestral connection of the man with the symbols.

Perhaps, when we watch these pictures with thoroughness, we pruned knowledge that will be to move away of the reason, but will happen to be watching that we have been captured by the kaleidoscopic inkpot of the sensations.

And we will have to walk of finishing nails by a as complex reality as alive, it is the vital trajectory of the artist with the symbiosis of his evolution.

The geometric channels go deep in the movement; by something, within them, above, crossing them, having them it is possible to be found, if they know to contemplate to the grandez or the human smallness or... who knows? teorias more Metaphysical, the perfection of the Universe or perhaps reflected we ourself in something deeper than our own shade."

Pilar Sanabria Cañete
Journalist, Poet and Friend

"One cannot less than to be surprised and to admire before the meticulousness and the good one for doing of Rafael Alonso Cumplido. Contemplation of his paintings suggests us microcosm explosive, full of force creative, with atoms and particles in movement, that is close, that plays to touch itself, that is interlaced and compenetran..., that generate life. Certain and apparently full images but with a mystery degree that seduces us and invites to the doubt and the reflection. Perhaps in these so pragmatic times that it is called on to us to live not it understands a proposal like this, that tends to extend cold geometry to transport us to the poetic one of the form and the world of the ideas.

In a world governed by governors who tend to proclaim themselves like possessors of the absolute truth, the humble proposals of the artists and poets, of whom we have here example, fill to us of hope and they reconcile to us with the human condition."

Ramon Maroto Genover
Painter, Restaurador of the Technological Museum of Tarrasa and Friend